Breakfast and After School clubs



Breakfast clubs start at 7am upto 8.30pm and After school clubs from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. We provide with healthy breakfast options of toast, milk, fruit and cereal. During our after school club we provide tea and some interesting activities such as pottery, Fun ICT,Colour club, Baking, Yoga, build it and outdoor play.


The purpose of our clubs is to engage children and help them have some fun whilst doing some interesting things and relax them.

Software and Systems

Parent partnership our nursery uses advance technology for partnering with you. Upon enrolment you are provided with a link to download an app called Parent zone which is directly linked to our Nursery management software through which we send you pictures, daily updates and learning progress updates and observations.

This software also allows you to request additional sessions subject to availability.

For entrance and exit we have a biometric finger print device.

All our softwares and systems are secure and GDPR compliant.