Montessori pre school Nursery

Montessori pre school Nursery

Montessori Every child’s educational path is just as unique as they are. Our goal is to adhere to Early Year’s Framework and use the Montessori Method of education to help assist your child to learn at his/her own pace. This remains at the core of our curriculum with a spot light on the 6 areas of learning. Our teachers embrace each child’s differences by customizing a daily learning plan. With guidance and encouragement from our teachers, your child will thrive academically and have the skills needed to be confident and happy. We are open from 7am to 6.30pm.

Our Core beliefs

Child Centered Icon

Child Centered

Our guides (we call our teachers ‘guides’) selectively and carefully design the classroom to foster each child’s independence, autonomy and competence. The child’s freedom to choose ones lessons, within limits, nurtures individual initiative and personal responsibility.

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Individualized Learning

With the support of the meticulously prepared classroom and nurturing guidance, balanced within a structure of freedom and responsibilities, the child develops concentration, inner discipline, internalization of the learning and metacognition (thinking about thinking).

Integrated, spiraling curriculum Iocn

Integrated, spiraling curriculum

From toddler through elementary, the children are exposed to interrelated topics repeatedly over time. In this way each level of mastery builds on each other, leading the child to continuous new insights, discoveries, competence and confidence.

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Multi-Age Groupings

Students of multi-ages, usually 3-year groupings, are in a classroom community where they naturally learn with and from each other. The atmosphere in the classroom is one of collaboration and cooperation.

Hands-On Learning Iocn

Hands-On Learning

Children learn through their senses, they satisfy their natural curiosity by touching and manipulating concrete objects. Because of this, Dr. Montessori created a unique approach to education that is developmentally appropriate, hands-on, interactive and sensory based.

3-year cycle Iocn

3-year cycle

Children experience consistency through their three-year cycle, with their teachers, peers and classroom environment. There are many benefits to this, not the least of which is the deep connections children develop with their teachers. The teachers, in turn, truly and deeply get to know each student, intimately understanding how each child learns best and can provide the appropriate next learning experience at precisely the right moment. The third-year, we call it the capstone year, is the culmination of this learning, a time when the child has internalized these early concrete experiences, creating a strong foundation for the future learning.